Robot Servo

Robot Servo


Robotics Servo CYS-S8102

$ 6.80 ~ 11.60

Our Robot Servo CYS-S8102, is a cutting-edge digital servo designed specifically for robots. With a remarkable 180° wide operating angle, this servo offers unparalleled flexibility and precision. Its high stall torque ensures optimal performance even under demanding conditions. Crafted with durable mental gears, this servo guarantees long-lasting reliability. Order our robot servo to upgrade your robot's capabilities.

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Robotics Servo CYS-S8101

$ 6.80 ~ 11.60

Our Robot Servo CYS-S8101, a totally new product designed specifically for robot arm applications. With its full metal case and gear, this servo ensures durability and reliability. As a customer trusted manufacturer, we guarantee top-notch quality and performance. Upgrade your robot arm with the CYS-S8101 and experience precision and efficiency like never before.

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Robotics Servo *OEM Supported CYS-S6028

$ 12.00 ~ 23.00

Our CYS-S6028 Robotics Servo, is an exceptional choice for intelligent robot arms. This servo delivers an impressive 180° operating angle, allowing for precise control and smooth movements. Equipped with a half duplex communication mode, it ensures seamless and efficient operation. The servo's robust construction includes a high torque 18kg ABS plastic case iron core motor and durable metal gears, guaranteeing reliable performance and longevity.

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