Micro Servo

Micro Servo


Micro Full Aluminium Case Servo Coreless Motor Digital RC

The CYS-S0206 designed for precision control in various applications. With a fast operating speed of 0.06 sec/60° at no load, it offers quick and accurate response times. The servo features a stall torque of 0.5 kg. cm and a stall current of 0.7A, making it suitable for tasks that require high torque output.

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0300

$ 5.50 ~ 11.00

Boasting a robust stall torque of 3.5kg and a full metal gear composition, this servo guarantees not only precision in control but also exceptional durability. The incorporation of cutting-edge digital technology elevates its versatility, offering hobbyists the option of personalized logo programming. With its lightweight design, the CYS-S0300 stands as a reliable choice for enthusiasts seeking an optimal blend of power, precision, and customization in their RC aircraft experiences.

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S3027MG

$ 4.00 ~ 7.80

The Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S3027MG, a high-performance digital servo, is perfect for RC car enthusiasts. With a stall torque of 3KG, it delivers exceptional power and precision. Equipped with an iron core motor and full metal gear, it ensures durability and reliability. Plus, its waterproof design adds an extra layer of protection. Take your RC car to the next level with this advanced and versatile digital servo today!

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S8213

$ 4.60 ~ 7.75

Introducing the Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S8213, a smart electronic device designed for optimized gear system and reliable performance. With its responsive control, this servo ensures precise movements for your projects. Whether you're building a robot or a remote-controlled vehicle, this servo is the perfect choice. Experience the convenience and accuracy it offers, making your creations come to life effortlessly.

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0270

$ 4.00 ~ 7.99

The Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0270 is a versatile 27g analog metal gear micro servo designed for a wide range of applications. With its high stall torque and analog DC motor, this servo delivers exceptional performance and precision. Whether you need precise control in robotics, RC vehicles, or other projects, this servo is the perfect choice for your needs.

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0009D

$ 3.50 ~ 8.29

Introducing the Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0009D, a high-quality servo designed for precision control. With its durable metal gear and 21T output, this servo ensures reliable performance. The 180mm connector wire allows for flexible installation options. Boasting low power consumption and no backlash, this servo is perfect for various applications where accuracy is paramount.

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0009MG

$ 3.20 ~ 7.59

Introducing the CYS-S0009MG Mini & Micro Servo! Designed with durability in mind, this high-quality servo delivers long-lasting performance. Its low profile design allows for easy fitting into compact spaces without compromising functionality. With smooth operation and precise control, this servo is perfect for various applications. Upgrade your projects with the reliable CYS-S0009MG Mini & Micro Servo and experience improved performance in robotics, RC cars, and more.

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Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0009

$ 1.80 ~ 6.99

Introducing the Mini & Micro Servo CYS-S0009! This servo boasts a compact design, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any project. With precision movement and efficient performance, it delivers exceptional results. Enjoy noiseless operation, allowing for a peaceful environment. Operating voltage ranges from 4.8 to 6.0 volts, providing flexibility. Upgrade your robotics or RC projects with this reliable and versatile servo.

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9g Digital Servo CYS-S8246MG

$ 4.30 ~ 7.90

Introducing the 9g Digital Servo CYS-S8246MG, designed specifically for helicopters. With a lightning-fast running speed of 0.09sec/60°, this servo ensures quick and precise movements. Equipped with a high precision gear and a reliable PCBA board, it guarantees exceptional performance and durability. Upgrade your helicopter's control system with this top-notch servo for unparalleled precision and responsiveness.

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9g Digital Servo CYS-S8246

$ 2.80 ~ 5.99

The 9g Digital Servo CYS-S8246 is a high-performance servo designed for precision control in various applications. With its high operating speed, lightweight plastic case, and small volume, this servo is perfect for projects where space and weight are limited. The 9g digital servo ensures accurate and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

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CYS Digital Metal Gear Servo CYS-S6108

$ 24.00 ~ 30.94

Introducing the CYS Digital Metal Gear Servo CYS-S6108! This high-performance servo features a durable plastic case and boasts a full metal case and gear for enhanced durability. With its small weight micro shape, it is perfect for compact applications. The digital servo technology ensures precise and accurate movements, making it ideal for robotics, RC cars, and other hobby projects.

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